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English   15 years ago: Buses under a new umbrella: the EvoBus era begins
12.10.2010 von admin

The bus plants in Turkey played a role of their own. They were a part of the group, and buses and coaches were built there both for the home market and for the surrounding countries, including the Tourismo for Western Europe. Another factory in the Czech Republic supplied bodyshell parts. Mercedes-Benz chassis for touring coaches meanwhile are produced in Spain and shipped out to the entire world from there.

Mercedes-Benz Chassis OC 500 .

Synergies also related to the products. The promise stood to preserve the brand identity of Mercedes-Benz and Setra. For this reason the buses each have their own distinctive appearance, and technically and in the area of appointments and product lineup they have their own distinctive profile. But where the design of major components, electronics or safety components is concerned: these are areas in which quality, function and therefore development and testing effort and expense play a big role. Things like this can be produced for both brands together. Safety, for example, is indivisible.

The first new bus created under the EvoBus umbrella was the O 550/Integro rural-service bus in 1996, the first bus with the star that bore a name in addition to the bare design designation. It had a high percentage of Setra in it and was based on the S 315 UL from the current MultiClass. With the Integro, Mercedes-Benz quickly filled a gap in its range: in the mid-1990s a rural-service and excursion bus with fresh looks which presented a contrast to the stern and square-faced standard buses was lacking. Like many a compromise, the Integro turned out to be a long-running success.

With time it matured into an entire family, with a long variant exceeding twelve meters in length, and a raised-floor bus which could better address the requirements on a bus used to a large extent for excursion or even touring service.

In 2006 Mercedes-Benz finally completely redesigned the Integro. With three different lengths on two axles (Integro and Integro M) the two-door specialist now covers the entire spectrum from short regular-service routes in suburbia to long-distance interurban use.

Mercedes-Benz Integro – Vintage 2008.

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