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English   The new NEOPLAN Skyliner – an unmatched standard of travel
23.09.2010 von admin

The new Skyliner also cuts a fine figure in the wind tunnel: the large front radii, the windscreen curved through three dimensions, the seamlessly smooth bodywork, doors and hatches set flush and the rear with its lateral taperings and defined separation edge all combine to produce a drag coefficient equivalent to that of a modern medium-class van. The Skyliner's sophisticated aerodynamics reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission as well as decreasing wind noise for the passengers.

Space and light – the Skyliner's interior leaves nothing to be desired

The Skyliner's developers paid special attention to the interior, which offers space for up to 83 + 2 seats. The requirement specifications called for maximum freedom of movement for the passengers, a feeling of spaciousness combined with outstanding visibility in all directions and a bright, friendly atmosphere. These objectives were achieved with the help of many innovations and design ideas, which were consistently implemented in the new Skyliner.

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