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English   The new NEOPLAN Skyliner – an unmatched standard of travel
23.09.2010 von admin

The most modern technology for top ride comfort and safety

Great strength at low weight – this is what distinguishes the bodywork of the new NEOPLAN Skyliner. Weight-optimised tubing of high-strength steel form the supporting frame, which is reliably protected against corrosion by cathodic dip painting. The stable passenger cell has solid rollover bars integrated front and rear, which will absorb most of the laterally-acting forces in the event of the vehicle turning over. The forebody of the new Skyliner was developed along the lines of NEOPLAN's Cityliner and Starliner models and can absorb significantly more energy than its predecessor – just in case.

But to make sure that this never occurs, the new Skyliner is equipped with a large number of safety systems: the list of standard and optional features ranges from an anti-locking braking system (ABS), braking assistant (BA), electronically-controlled braking system (EBS) and maximum speed control (MSC) to automatic cruise control (ACC) and the lane guard system (LGS).

The new Skyliner's high level of driving dynamics and safety is a result of tried and trusted suspension modules from MAN production: in front, independent wheel suspension suitable for a low-floor vehicle and with a very good steering angle, at the rear, the proven MAN hypoid axle in combination with an electronically steered trailing axle. NEOPLAN was one of the first bus manufacturers to introduce this suspension, which is specially adapted to double-deckers and has been used successfully for years. It contributes to the great manoeuvrability of the Skyliner and also reduces wear on the tyres.

For the first time, a double-decker is being offered with electronically controlled comfort drive suspension (CDS), which improves both ride comfort and safety. Electronically controlled dampers react with lightning speed and adjust the hardness and intensity of the damping to changing load and driving situations in a matter of milliseconds. Particularly in a coach four metres high, CDS can really show off its safety advantages: any rolling movements of the body are considerably reduced thanks to CDS, the vehicle stays on course when cornering and when full, and, in conjunction with the ESP fitted as standard, it is always safely under control.

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