World premiere for the new Setra ComfortClass MD
16.10.2014 - 01:00

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Economical, comfortable and safe: world premiere for the new Setra ComfortClass MD
  • Extremely cost-effective and comfortable mid-decker
  • Wide range of applications, wide choice of drive variants
  • Choice of centre or rear door
  • Functional transport with enormous seating capacity or VIP bus, as required

The new MD models in the ComfortClass 500 are around 20 cm lower, and are available in lengths of 12.3 m and 13.1 m. (photo shows an S 515 MD with rear entrance).

MD - two letters that will send ripples across the bus sector. They stand for
Mid-Decker, a new family of buses within the ComfortClass 500 series. The ComfortClass 500 MD is made up of extremely cost-effective and comfortable touring coaches with a height of 3.56 m. The MD comes from the modular system of the ComfortClass 500, combining the passenger compartment of the high-deckers with a lower underbody. The new family consists of the S 515 MD (length 12.3 m) and the S 516 MD (13.1 m).

Wide range of applications, wide choice of drive variants

The new ComfortClass 500 MD covers the segments of tourist travel, short trips and excursions. Also suitable for high-grade shuttle services, factory bus services and long-distance routes, it mainly lends itself to combined use. In short, the ComfortClass 500 MD is an extremely flexible touring coach.

The drive concept contributes to the excellent cost-effectiveness of the MD. It is based on the compact six-cylinder in-line Mercedes-Benz OM 936 with a displacement of 7.7 l and an output of 260 kW (354 hp). The Mercedes-Benz OM 470 is a recommended alternative for operations in more demanding topography. This engine has a displacement of 10.7 l and is rated at 265 kW (360 hp) or 290 kW (394 hp). In each case power is transferred by a six-speed manual transmission, or alternatively the fully automated Mercedes GO 250-8 eight-speed PowerShift manual transmission.

The greatest possible safety is a matter of course for the Setra MD. Whether Front Collision Guard for impact protection, rollover resistance according to the forthcoming regulation ECE-R 66/02 or the electronic stability program ESP – the new MD meets the highest requirements. The same applies to options such as Active Brake Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control or Lane Assistant. No touring coach in this class offers such a high level of safety. Third-generation Active Brake Assist will be available on request from mid-2015.

Visually the MD takes its lead from the high-deckers of the ComfortClass 500. Only the rear side wall is more restrained, and the MD dispenses with the descending beltline strip. The MD is 210 mm lower in height than the
high-decker. The smaller frontal area further improves the outstanding aerodynamics of the ComfortClass 500. This in turn lowers fuel consumption by a notional two percent or so. A fuel consumption of 20 l/100 km on motorways and highways is therefore by no means utopian with the new MD, but a reality. The CO2 emissions are correspondingly low as well.

Choice of centre or rear door

The MD is available with a centre door ahead of the rear axle or with a rear door. In addition to the easily accessible toilet, the advantage of the rear door configuration is the large, continuous luggage compartment between the axles, which can be loaded from both sides. This has a height of 890 mm versus 1100 mm in the HD. The capacity ranges from 6.1 m3 in the S 515 MD with a centre door, galley and toilet to 9.7 m3 in the S 516 MD with a rear door.

Functional transport with enormous seating capacity or VIP bus, as required

The passenger capacity of the S 515 MD with a centre door (figures in brackets with rear door) but no WC or galley is up to 55 (55) seats. With a WC and galley there are seats for 49 (48) passengers. In the longer S 516 MD the figure is increased by one seat row in each case.

Numerous attractive variants can be derived from this. One might be the use of the S 516 MD with 59 passenger seats and a rear door, in shuttle or in-company service. The MD can also be transformed into a luxury touring coach. Versions are conceivable with for example a rear door, toilet and galley, a level floor and rows with three VIP seats. For passengers with restricted mobility the ComfortClass MD is also available with a wheelchair lift.

[Block] With its generous standing height of 2.10 m, large luggage racks and fabric-lined centre ceiling, the passenger compartment of the new ComfortClass MD exactly corresponds to that of the high-decker. Passengers are seated on comfortable Setra Route seats. The driver has the benefit of the new Coach cockpit. It features the instrumentation and control/stowage concept of the ComfortClass 500 HD. This is also from where the MD has adopted control by multifunction steering wheel. The "Coach Comfort" cockpit from the HD is available on request. ba
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