Setra VIP-Edition
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Setra VIP-Edition
  • Setra S 416 HDH TopClass 400 “VIP Edition” combines touring com-fort and functionality in exclusive style
  • Elegant ambience with glass roof and ship’s deck design

The exterior view of the 12.99-metre-long three-axle coach with glass roof brings together elegance and exclusiveness. The two gleaming chrome-look exterior mirrors of the chestnut gold bus are a good example.

The light walnut flooring recalls a ship’s decking, the 27 seats in 2+1 arrange-ment – like the cockpit – are trimmed in dark brown and pebble grey leather. The seats, roof lining and wall trim, and the integrated usable surfaces boast high-quality textiles, real wood and high-gloss surfaces in perfect harmony. As soon as you climb aboard it’s clear that the developers have created a whole new dimen-sion in bus interiors.

The rear entrance is one area of innovation. Here, the designers have replaced the galley with a 1.80-metre-tall cloakroom, which fulfils a dual function. For example, a table surface integrated into the structure can be converted by passengers into a “mobile workstation” for standard notebooks as and when required. The system can be activated from the driver’s area.

Interior view of the bus

IThe five-star bus is guaranteed to delight multimedia fans amongst the passengers thanks to the connection for an iPod – an MP3 player, calendar, address book, world clock and alarm clock in one. Added to which, the subwoofer and Coach 200 Professional Line II radio system with CD/DVD player, 6x DVD changer and DVB-T represent the latest in touring coach multimedia technology. A windscreen aerial feeds DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial) terres-trial digital television and radio to the ultra-flat 19-inch passenger monitors in the Setra S 416 HDH.

The compact rear galley features a powerful microwave (including grill), 130-litre refrigerator, hot dog cooker, sink with extendable single-lever mixer, coffee machine with two-pot filter system and stowage spaces – impressive evidence of how the available room in a luxury touring coach with generous space between seats can be used to optimum effect. The galley is separated from the passenger compartment by a glass partition reflecting TopClass 400 design elements.

The integrated table area can be turned into an "itinerant workplace" for customary notebook computers by passengers any time.

An impressive example is the available room with her numerous storage capacities like in a luxury coach been of use optimally the compact tail kitchen can be.

If you are familiar with Setra coaches, you will know how comfortably passengers in the current generation of touring coaches travel, not to mention the high level of safety they enjoy. A host of safety and assistance systems in the “VIP Edition” ensure this remains the case. Examples of this combination of comfort and safety are a front-mounted panoramic camera, the electronic braking system (EBS), anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP), as well as proximity control (ART) and Lane Assistant (SPA), which uses a video camera to recognise if the coach is in danger of straying out of its lane.

The tail kitchen with microwave, coffee machine and storage capacities

The driver workplace fits himself in into the overall picture of the luxurious Setra S 416 HDH with "VIP edition" perfectly.

Photos and text:
Evobus GmbH - Setra Omnibusse


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