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English   Mercedes-Benz Travego Edition 1: the world's first series production bus which meets the Euro VI
19.09.2012 von admin

Conflict of aims between emissions and fuel consumption resolved

The particularly stringent requirements of the coming Euro VI standard with respect to nitrogen oxide emissions (NOX) generally conflict with demands for even lower particulate emissions and low fuel consumption. Mercedes-Benz resolves this conflict of aims with the new, unique X-PULSE injection technology, as well as sophisticated exhaust gas aftertreatment. To this end BlueTec engine technology, which has proved its worth in more than 500 000 vehicles to date, is combined with SCR, AdBlue injection, exhaust gas recirculation and a particulate filter.

The new in-line engines impress with their low consumption and particularly low pollutant emissions. Recirculation of cooled exhaust gases reduces the nitrogen oxides generated during combustion, which allows the consumption of AdBlue to be reduced by 40 percent compared to Euro V. The AdBlue is now sprayed airlessly into the exhaust stream via an improved metering unit, and the nitrogen oxides are almost completely converted into water and nitrogen in the SCR catalytic converter.

The exhaust system of the Euro VI engines is also equipped with a highly effective diesel particulate filter, which only requires an initial service at 360 000 km in the Travego, and then every 240 000 km thereafter.

To avoid a high counterpressure in the exhaust system, with corresponding negative effects on fuel consumption, the entire exhaust gas aftertreatment system including the oxidising catalytic converter, particulate filter and SCR catalytic converter is of double-flow design. All the components are installed in a single housing.

Travego Edition 1: lower emissions, low fuel consumption

In practice, the introduction of Euro VI in the Travego Edition 1 means a further drastic reduction in exhaust emissions without the initially feared increase in fuel consumption. At the same time the consumption of AdBlue is around 40 percent less.

To achieve these aims the developers of the Travego Edition 1 had to pull out all the stops. A significantly higher cooling performance is required for Euro VI, for example. This was achieved following extensive calculations and tests: moving the radiator from the left to the right side, isolating the radiator from the engine compartment, additional air vents at the vehicle rear, the use of optimised fans and fan couplings with an improved control range. All in all, the efficiency of the cooling system was improved by 30 percent. In addition it was possible to further reduce noise and engine compartment temperatures.

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