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English   Daimler Buses Winter Testing
04.01.2016 von admin

Tested on snow and ice: the unique ATC Articulated Turntable Controller

Two of the vehicles that have lately had to prove themselves in the Scandinavian winter are the just recently unveiled Mercedes-Benz CapaCity L and the Citaro G. Here the focus was on testing the new and unique ATC (Articulated Turntable Controller).

ATC sets a new standard for handling and safety in articulated buses: the ATC dynamic control system works quickly and above all to the precise extent needed to regulate the hydraulic damping of the articulated joint as a function of the steering angle, articulation angle, speed and load. If the articulated bus becomes unstable, damping of the articulated joint is controlled quickly and on demand. Within the limits of physics, the articulated bus can thus be very quickly stabilised, so avoiding any see-sawing of the rear section or, in the worst case, the dreaded jackknifing effect. The new ATC system is thus the only system of its type to achieve anything like the effect of an electronic stability control system (ESP). This represents an even higher level of safety for articulated buses.

Prior to being introduced, ATC underwent intensive testing in the Arctic winter to optimise all parameters. The standardised conditions on snow and ice in Scandinavia were ideal for the tuning stage. Consequently, ATC reacts sensitively, quickly, precisely and predictably – so there are no nasty surprises for the driver of a Mercedes-Benz articulated bus in the event of an emergency.

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