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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RHD
17.07.2017 von admin

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo M2 – 16/3

Height-adjustable high-comfort head restraints and the robust, high-quality Composition leather-fibre material provide scope to further enhance and individualise the seating, as do armrests, drink holders and/or folding tables in the backrests, with luggage nets or pockets, as well as footrests and numbered seats. A particularly exclusive option is the version with a Mercedes star set into the backrest. Depending upon which seats are chosen, there is a wide range of fabric and colour combinations for the seat centre panel and backrest (both can feature more than one colour), head section and piping.

There are also options to individualise the adjustment levers and grip inserts of the seats. Fitted as standard in grey, these are also available upon request in high-gloss black or with a wood or silver finish. Optional charging facilities, with USB or 230-volt sockets at each seat, ensure the power supply for passengers' portable devices.

Interior lighting: versatile "Ufos" with LED technology

As with the seating, the appointments of the passenger compartment see functionality and comfort complementing each other. The interior lighting system of the new Tourismo RHD features long-lasting and energy-saving LED technology throughout. The ceiling lights are a distinctive feature, harking back to the two previous and extremely successful model series. Insiders have given them the affectionate nickname of "Ufos".

The new Tourismo RHD boasts a high-tech lighting system. The lamps are flat in design and feature two brightness levels, allowing them to be used for interior lighting purposes as well as for orientational illumination during night-time travel, while the lamps along the sides also serve to illuminate the luggage shelves. The two-axle models include seven ceiling lights, the three-axle models eight. To coordinate with the overall look of the new high-deck model, the frames of the ceiling lights are finished as standard in greige, with silver as an option.

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