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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RHD
17.07.2017 von admin

Optional provision of a lift for mobility-impaired passengers

The new Tourismo RHD offers a welcoming environment to all passengers, including those with impaired mobility. Even the steps at the entrances meet the requirements for disabled access in accordance with ECE-R 107. The coach is also available as an option with a lift for passengers in wheelchairs. The lift stows away inside the luggage compartment in a cassette located just behind the front axle on the entrance side, where it is neatly concealed behind a separate flap. If a lift is installed, an additional door is provided to the passenger compartment. The passenger double seats in the area near the door are mounted on a floor rail system that allows them to be moved. A wheelchair can also be securely anchored to these rails.

Sophisticated climate control system ensures sense of wellbeing

We want passengers on board the new Tourismo RHD to feel comfortable at any time of year, which is why the development engineers have put considerable effort into the climate control system for the interior compartment. An effective convector heating system is used to keep the interior warm, backed up if necessary by a fuel-powered auxiliary heater.

The standard air conditioning system is designed for ease of maintenance as a roof-mounted system, positioned centrally on the roof. Depending on the vehicle length and the requirements of the market, it can have a cooling capacity of 32 kW, 35 kW or 39 kW. The new two-zone controls, with two circuits each for cooling and heating, ensures an even distribution of temperature along the whole length of the vehicle. The driver's area boasts a separate climate control system. The likewise new air humidity sensor system helps to improve climate comfort and therefore passenger wellbeing.

The air conditioning system is significantly lighter in weight than that of the previous model as well as more economically efficient: an optional cylinder shutoff system for the refrigerant compressor reduces the energy requirement and thus the fuel consumption of the coach. Background: whereas with conventional systems the compressor runs permanently, in the new Tourismo RHD it is only switched on when required. The heating and climate control system has proved its effectiveness under the toughest of conditions, having, for example, being tested in the cold chamber at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

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