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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RHD
17.07.2017 von admin

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RHD - 15/2

The first and only high-deck touring coach that comes with a choice of cockpits

In the design of any Mercedes-Benz bus or coach the driver plays a key role, as is immediately evident from a look at the attractive and functional, as well as extremely driver-oriented, layout of the cockpit. In the case of the new Tourismo RHD left-hand drive variants there are two alternatives here, catering for a wide range of applications and requirements - the functional Basic Plus cockpit and the up-market Comfort Plus version. On top of these, there is a separate cockpit specifically for the right-hand-drive models.

As well as the height of the basic frame of the new Tourismo RHD being raised, the floor height of the two driver cockpits has been slightly increased by 50 mm to 910 mm above the surface of the road. The fractionally higher seating position brings advantages for the driver's view of the road. The pedals are now pendant in design. Drivers of the new Tourismo RHD take their place on seats built by either Grammer (model MSG 90.6) or Isringhausen 6860/875 NTS2. These can be adjusted in a multitude of ways and feature both automatic seat belt recognition and an integral microphone. Seat heating and a swivel function can be provided as options. Both seats offer drivers exceptional comfort on long journeys. To make it easier for the driver to leave their seat, the pneumatically adjustable steering wheel can be moved to an almost vertical position. Both cockpits also boast a whole range of stowage facilities, from drinks holders to oddments trays. The lower of the two steps between the driver’s platform and the aisle can also accommodate a safe.

Technically speaking, the two cockpits, Basic Plus and Comfort Plus have many features in common. They are both based on the new B2E electronics platform. The essentially driver-oriented layout of the cockpit is also identical. They have been refined to ensure optimum visibility and ergonomics – all the vital control elements are clearly and logically arranged within easy reach of the driver. The neat four-spoke multifunction steering wheel is also a common feature. This is available as an option in leather and can also be further upgraded with decorative finishes for the upper and lower rim sections.

Both variants also feature the same dashboard with four clear round instruments and a centrally positioned colour display. The position of the new electronic ignition key and separate starter button and of the tachograph, in each case on the left-hand side of the dashboard, as also the underlying arrangement of switches in clusters of four is common to both. Such shared features make it easy for drivers to change vehicles quickly within a fleet that operates a range of different variants, without needing to allow for refamiliarisation.

The Basic Plus cockpit: focus on functionality

Nevertheless, the two cockpits for the left-hand drive models do differ in design and structure, as well as in their appointments. The focus of the Basic Plus cockpit is on functionality, as is made clear by its modular structure. The coolbox (capacity 54 litres) on the right-hand side makes this clear – the high-decker could quite conceivably not include one.

To the right of the instruments, near the driver, is a large covered stowage compartment. The cover here can be removed to allow a ticket machine to be fitted, for example for occasional use on rural regular-service routes or long-distance routes. The multifunctional approach taken for the Basic Plus cockpit means that the standardised units for the control elements for the entertainment electronics are located in the centre console.

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