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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RHD
17.07.2017 von admin

Engine and drive system: The new economic miracle: new power ratings and an additional engine variant now enhance the spectrum of the economical and clean, while also powerful and comfortable, drive system.
  • Proven in-line six-cylinder unit with highly effective efficiency package
  • New top-of-the-range engine offers outstanding performance
  • New entry-level engine with impressive fuel efficiency
  • Three transmission variants to cover all applications and regions
  • Predictive Powertrain Control: anticipatory cruise control

A drive system that comes from a single source, with perfectly matched components, ensures maximum fuel efficiency and exceptional economy in the new Tourismo RHD. Engine, transmission and rear axle all bear the Mercedes star. The only exception to this rule is provided by the right-hand-drive models, which feature a torque-converter automatic transmission. Additional engine and output variants significantly enhance the spectrum of the new Tourismo RHD. They add up together with the excellent aerodynamics of the new Tourismo RHD and sophisticated assistance systems such as Predictive Powertrain Control and Eco Driver Feedback to reveal the new Tourismo as the new economic miracle among high-deck touring coaches.

Proven in-line six-cylinder unit with highly effective efficiency package

The entry-level engine in the new Tourismo RHD was a tried and tested feature of the previous model: the turbocharged in-line six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM 470 with a displacement of 10.7 l shines out with a technical package that comprises common rail direct injection with the unique and flexible high-pressure injection system X-Pulse, charge air cooling, exhaust gas recirculation and SCR technology. The engine is therefore able to offer a convincing blend of fuel efficiency, powerful acceleration, smooth running and reliability. Detailed further development involving an extensive package of efficiency measures to create a new generation in 2016 brought improvements in all these areas.

Buyers have been able to benefit since then from an even more consumption-optimised version of this state-of-the-art engine. With a higher maximum injection pressure, increased compression, a redesigned combustion chamber, a patented exhaust gas recirculation process with reduced recirculation, asymmetric injection and a new turbocharger, built in-house, what we have here is a whole bundle of measures that add up to reduce further the already advantageous fuel consumption. At the same time the complexity of the engine design has been reduced by a fixed turbine geometry for the turbocharger, the omission of wastegate valve and boost pressure control, plus the elimination of the EGR sensor and EGR control, thereby also increasing its robustness.

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