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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RHD
17.07.2017 von admin

The entrance at door two is similarly comfortable and safe, in the Tourismo RHD always a centre door. The wide steps are clear and unobstructed; here too, the steps are evenly spaced. The inside of the outward swivelling door is light in colour, ensuring that the steps remain welcoming and safe even when the door is closed, for example for passengers making their way to the on-board toilet or for service personnel working in the galley (both options).

Passengers entering via either the front or the rear door can also as an option be welcomed by illuminated "Mercedes-Benz" lettering in the sill. A further option of step-edge lighting is available as a complement to the standard stairway lighting.

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo L – 17/3

Attractive and welcoming passenger compartment

The light and attractive interior of the Tourismo RHD marks a new approach to interior design for Mercedes-Benz. Colours and shapes are completely new. The multiple sections of the roof dome flow harmoniously into the luggage shelves. There are two lockable compartments here for the driver and tour guide, both very neatly integrated. These can also be used to house the DVD player and the optional Wi-Fi media router.

The roof dome, stowage compartments, the end pieces of the luggage shelves and the window pillar trim are all greige in colour. This blend of grey and beige is pleasing to the eye, and also harmonises with the wide range of fabric colours available. Greige is also a light shade that makes the passenger compartment appear larger. Two glazed roof hatches provide further illumination of the passenger compartment. The central section of the ceiling is trimmed with a light grey textile panel. Where bus operators opt for muted colours, Mercedes-Benz is also able to supply the ceiling trim upon request in dark grey. Other colour schemes are also possible, over and above these basic colourways, to coordinate with the individual concept for the interior.

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