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English   Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid – the hybrid bus that pays for itself
30.09.2017 von admin

Supercaps serve as temporary power storage units

The power for driving the electric motor is produced for free by means of recuperation, meaning that the electric motor acts as a generator during braking and overrun phases. The electric power generated in this way is stored in doublelayer capacitors, also known as supercaps. These electricity storage units are characterised by a high power density. They are resistant to high power peaks and have a long life. Unlike batteries, supercaps are ideally suited to the continuous quick changeover between charging and discharging that occurs when stopping and pulling away again in typical city bus operation. Braking to a stop from a speed of 50 km/h just once is enough to recharge the power storage units in the Citaro hybrid.

The power storage unit assembly in the Citaro hybrid is made up of two modules, with each module containing 16 doublelayer capacitors. The two modules together have a total capacity of 2 Ah and are mounted in a space-saving location at the back of the roof. A perforated aluminium cover protects the modules from external influences and direct sunlight. At the same time, this also makes use of the airflow to provide the necessary cooling.

An inverter converts the stored direct current into alternating current in order to drive the electric motor. Both the inverter and the electric motor are water-cooled. The additional radiator for this low-temperature cooling at a maximum of 65 degrees Celsius is installed in a space-saving manner on the left side of the vehicle directly in front of the main radiator.

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