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English   Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid – the hybrid bus that pays for itself
30.09.2017 von admin

Electrohydraulic Intelligent Eco Steering system

The Citaro hybrid is equipped with a further brand new component as standard in the form of Intelligent Eco Steering, an electrohydraulic steering system. Whereas the power assistance mechanism is constantly at work on a conventional hydraulic steering system, with an electrohydraulic system it only operates on demand, in other words when the driver turns the steering wheel.

Besides the Citaro hybrid, Intelligent Eco Steering can also be ordered as an option for the city bus family's entire model range, including the CapaCity high-capacity bus.

Exceptionally wide range of Citaro hybrid models available

The hybrid drive is available as optional equipment for all Citaro models in conjunction with the Mercedes-Benz OM 936 G in-line six-cylinder diesel engine in both vertical and horizontal versions. The remarkably wide Citaro hybrid model line-up therefore comprises the compact Citaro K, the Citaro rigid bus, the Citaro G articulated bus, as well as the low-entry Citaro LE in all variants.

The hybrid drive is likewise available for the Citaro NGT with the M 936 G gas engine – the combination of gas engine and hybrid drive is rarely found anywhere in the world, yet the particularly low environmental impact of the gas engine makes this a highly attractive option. Once again, the hybrid drive can be ordered for both the Citaro NGT rigid bus and the Citaro G NGT articulated bus.

The hybrid drive for the Citaro is completely compatible with the familiar automatic transmissions from ZF and Voith. The only models for which hybrid drive is not available are Citaro buses fitted with the Mercedes-Benz OM 470 diesel engine due to a lack of installation space, as well as the high-capacity buses in the CapaCity series for the same reason.

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