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English   Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid – the hybrid bus that pays for itself
30.09.2017 von admin

A safe long-term investment for transport operators

The Citaro hybrid represents a safe long-term investment as far as transport operators are concerned. All components are designed to last for the duration of the vehicle's service life, which is around twelve years for a city bus. The hybrid drive's supporting function furthermore helps to conserve the combustion engine when driving at high loads. The use of the electric motor as a power generator has the additional effect of relieving the strain on the brakes, which can greatly extend the service life of both brake discs and pads.

The Citaro hybrid also makes things easy for the after-sales service and workshops. Besides the tried-and-tested production parts used for the electric motor, power storage units and cooling, the absence of high-voltage technology is also a crucial factor here. The 48 volt system is classified as low-voltage technology, meaning that it can be handled without any risk of injury. As a result, there is no need for either extensive training courses for the workshop personnel or special tools or special replacement parts. All auxiliary assemblies in the Citaro hybrid remain unchanged and are driven conventionally.

The maintenance intervals for the Citaro hybrid are also identical, at 60 000 km or once a year, and the same applies to all maintenance points on the conventional part of the drive system. Caring for the vehicle is likewise free of risks, including the use of automatic washing facilities.

Companies will notice the positive effects of the unproblematic drive system on the Citaro hybrid throughout the vehicle's operating life and even when the time comes to resell it: its many practical benefits mean they will not have any trouble selling the city bus as a second-hand vehicle.

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