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English   70 years of Setra *
28.06.2021 von admin

Setra S 10

Rapid market penetration thanks to its self-supporting body design.

The first Setra buses helped ensure the self-supporting design principle enjoyed rapid market penetration. The S 10 was the second Setra model after the S 8 and it became a true best-seller. The body of the vehicle was longer than that of its predecessor with a maximum of ten seat rows and a greater overhang at the front.

Modular principle first used in the 10 model series

The first Setra modular system was launched in 1959 and was completely new to bus design at the time. Thanks to this well thought-out modular principle, it was possible to produce vehicles especially efficiently. Four buses could be produced daily in this way.

Setra S 9 – The first bus based on the modular system

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