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28.06.2021 von admin

Distinctive sweeping lines and integral mirrors on the 300 model series

1991 was the year in which the 300 model series was launched; it was presented in Ulm after six years of development. One of the most eye-catching features of the new buses was the distinctive sweeping line behind the cockpit area and the fully redeveloped integral mirror system which gave the model series its unique "face". Housed in kinked mirror arms, the heated mirrors were adjustable from inside the bus and provided the driver with an excellent view along both sides of the bus. Another significant feature was the cockpit with its ergonomic design in which the most important individual instruments were positioned in the driver's primary field of vision.

While the touring coaches of the 300 model series were establishing themselves on the European bus market, developers were working towards the market launch of multi-purpose buses for regular service routes, inter-city operations and excursions. The modular design principle meant that three different bus variants could be built on the basis of just a single model. They were all equipped with the same body and suspension but had different passenger compartments.

Setra S 315 HDH

Three new categories: TopClass, ComfortClass and MultiClass

Beginning with the 300 model series, the range of buses was now classified in three categories – the TopClass, ComfortClass and MultiClass – to simplify the overview of the model range.

La Linea characterises the design of the TopClass 400

In 2001, Setra introduced the TopClass 400, heralding a new dimension in touring coach design which guaranteed travelling of the highest standard for the driver and passengers alike. The design was characterised by the chrome-coloured sweeping line known as "La Linea".
The range was extended in 2004 by the ComfortClass 400 touring coaches. And finally, in September 2005 the inter-city buses of the MultiClass 400 series were launched. The 400 model series included a total of more than 20 models.

Setra S 416 HDH

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