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English   100 years: Mercedes-Benz Mannheim
11.10.2008 von admin

Looking to the future with “synchronous factories”

The Group continues to invest constantly in the Mannheim location. From 2007 onward, for example, around 150 million euros has been poured into what is known as the “synchronous factory”. For engine production, new facilities will be in operation by 2008/2009 in the foundry, for milling and camshaft production, and a new assembly hall is to be built. Each plant expansion project pays even more attention to reducing noise, emissions and plant traffic in neighboring residential areas. In the “synchronous factory” all assembly and supply processes for delivered parts are coordinated synchronously and at the appropriate time for each engine on the assembly line. This approach has launched the plant into the twenty-first century, rendering it absolutely competitive in the changed market environment.

The largest bus plant on the continent: Aerial view of the Mannheim plant, 1999.

Home of Evobus: Aerial view of the south plant, Mannheim, 1999.

Daimler AG

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