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English   100 years: Mercedes-Benz Mannheim
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The launch of the first modern large-capacity bus by Mercedes-Benz also played a part in the Mannheim bus success story. The O 317 made its debut at the 1957 IAA, and production of the 12-meter-long vehicle began in 1958. The O 317 had room for 120 passengers and was designed specifically for regular service use. From 1958 onward, the O 317 also became the basis for the Mercedes-Benz articulated bus. This was the designers’ answer to the ban on bus operators using tractors and trailers.

There are special chasses of the O 317. for articulated buses, 1 ½-deck busr and biplane You are a reaction to the ban as an area car of semitrailer busses and bus trailers. In the course of his career a shorter variant with a 11.3 meters length as well as a country bus join with baggage rooms. Bodyworker changing for the O 317 even into coaches equipped luxuriously.

Mercedes-Benz O 317 as an 1 ½-deck busr eternal with bodywork of company Ludewig from Essen

The largest commercial vehicle plant on the continent
50 years after the official opening of the plant at Mannheim-Waldhof, the Benz factory became an international center of competence for commercial vehicles. The production shops covered an area of approximately 200,000 square meters, and from the early 1960s they were turning out trucks and buses that were regarded all over the world as high-quality, efficient and reliable carriers of people and goods.

A new component of this model plant was the foundry, opened by Mercedes-Benz in Mannheim in 1965. Construction work had begun on this facility in 1962, and when it was opened the foundry was considered the most advanced facility of its kind in Europe. With a daily casting capacity of 300 tons, Mannheim was able to produce crankcases and cylinder heads for commercial vehicle engines, as well as meeting some of the engine requirements for Untertürkheim.

December 1968 saw the production launch of the first O 305 standard regular service buses at Mannheim. This represented the beginning of a new era of bus design at Mercedes-Benz, since touring coaches and service buses were now built in separate model series. Other new buses included the O 307 standard regular-service interurban bus (STÜLB), which was built in Mannheim from February 1973, and the new O 303 touring coach. This expansion of the product portfolio was possible largely thanks to the increase of production capacity in 1970. By this time the Mannheim plant was producing 240 complete buses and the same number of bus chassis per month.

Mercedes-Benz O 305

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