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English   Mercedes O 321 H
12.08.2008 von admin

German version

Mercedes O 321 H
  • First bus with new semi-integral design
  • Look of striking elegance
  • Coaches and regular service buses in one model series
  • World champion of its day: 30,000 units built
  • Production at central bus plant in Mannheim

Mercedes-Benz Typ O 321 H

The O 321 H was launched in 1954, the same year that Germany’s national soccer team won the World Cup for the first time. But few thought during production start-up that the new Mercedes-Benz bus would also prove to be made of world champion material. Taking into account chassis and production outside Germany, the versatile bus enjoyed worldwide unit production figures of nearly 30,000 over a long career spanning 16 years - more than any bus before it.

Interior view of the O 321 H, 1954.

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