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English   The new Setra TopClass 400
07.10.2007 von admin

Active and passive safety of the highest level

The safety issue takes pride of place in the manifold model refinements carried out on the S 416 HDH and S 415 HD, which were seen for the first time in Kortrijk. Setra offers the TopClass 400 model series, equipped as standard with a module which, in the event of a head-on collision, displaces the entire driver’s area towards the rear, as well as with an integrated absorber structure. The interaction of these two systems was optimised based on the findings of countless crash simulations. The result is a significant increase of passive safety for driver and accompanying personnel. The effectiveness of this safety system has also been demonstrated in many crash tests. Both the displaceable driver area and the absorber structure are elements of the new Front Collision Guard (FCG) system, which additionally offers an underride guard in accordance with ECE-R 93 for the protection of other parties involved in a collision. Thus, these three letters: FCG will in future stand for the highest degree of protection for driver and passengers of Setra touring coaches.

While the FCG system raises passive safety to significantly higher levels, there are innovations in the area of active safety, too. For example: when turning a corner, a new light element at the front of the bus illuminates the road area lying before the vehicle. At speeds below 40 km/h, the turn indicator or the steering automatically activate the front foglamps, which thus become cornering lamps.

The new bumper with a new light element

In addition, TopClass 400 vehicles are now equipped with light and rain sensors, which also react automatically to prevailing weather and ambient conditions, and if necessary activate the headlamps and/or the windscreen wipers.

Both front upper (corner) marker lights are now LEDs, with a significantly longer useful life. A new windscreen wiper control system ensures that when the wind­screen wipers are operating at the highest level, their speed is reduced just before reaching the reversal point: this produces a noticeable noise reduction of the system.

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