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English   Mercedes O 4500
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Mercedes O 4500
  • 1948: The Mercedes-Benz O 4500 marks a new edition of bus design by Daimler-Benz
  • Further development of all-steel design
  • Lightweight design for great economic efficiency
  • Generous space

Mercedes-Benz O 4500 city bus in operation, 1948.

It was a question of making the best of scarce resources in factories which had been destroyed during the war. But as early as March 1948, Daimler-Benz succeeded in „re-editing” the Mercedes-Benz O 4500 bus. This vehicle featured the traditional “nose” but integrated it in an aesthetically highly appealing overall design. Its elegant appearance did not betray its pre-war origins - the bus had, in fact, been launched as early as 1941 but due to the war it was not until 1943 that large-scale production was started. Between 1943 and 1944/45, 300 units came off the assembly lines of the Gaggenau plant, all of them destined for the German armed forces.

Balanced design with an elegant touch

These conventional buses boasted a particularly elegant design - as if they knew that their days were numbered and that the cab-over-engine configuration was not to be stopped. More like a coquettish snub nose than an impressive hood, the conventional front-end blended into the overall design that expressed one quality more than anything else: sweeping elegance. This impression was created by styling elements like the vaulted roof, the rounded rear-end and a side contour that swept elegantly and airily, like a treble clef, from the hood and along the windows to bow graciously towards the rear-end.

Mercedes-Benz O 4500 city bus, 1948.

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