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English   Mercedes Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid
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Mercedes Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid

CleanDrive Technologies: Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the first Citaro with diesel/electric hybrid drive in autumn 2007. The highly sophisticated serial hybrid-drive system allows emission-free operation under battery power alone on appropriate sections of bus routes. The configuration is equally ambitious: the system is installed in a Citaro G articulated bus, and drives the centre and rear axles using four wheel hub motors. This combination is currently unique to the Citaro Hybrid.

Rather than providing continuous driving power, the diesel engine in the Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid operates as a generator to produce electrical power as and when required. Typically of a serial hybrid-drive system, the engine has no direct mechanical connec­tion to the driving axles. This gives more freedom for innovative configuration of the interior.

The electrical power is stored in maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries mounted on the roof of the Citaro. Notable features of this battery technology are its high power density and storage capacity. The battery system has an output of 180 kW and with a weight of less than 350 kg, including cooling, is relatively light. The batteries are charged not only by the diesel gene­rator but also by fuel-saving energy recuperation from braking.

CleanDrive Technologies: Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid

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