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English   Mercedes Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid
07.08.2009 von admin

Electrically powered auxiliaries

This hybrid bus is able to dispense with a conventional automatic trans­mission. This results in improved efficiency and weight savings. The auxiliary units have also been optimised: the air-conditioning compressor, power-steering pump and air com­pressor are no longer belt or gear-driven from the internal combustion engine but are individually driven by electric motor.

This leads to a further improvement in efficiency, since drive is only supplied to the various auxiliary units when necessary. There are virtually no constraints on the positioning of these electrically driven auxiliary units. For example, they can be placed on the roof of the bus.

Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid - Driver inverter/roof-mounted radiator and roof components: View of the rear end. In the foreground is the converter of the driven rear axle's drive. In the background is the roof-mounted cooling system, in which the various cooling circuits come together.

A new layout for the passenger compartment

The sophisticated drive technology used in the Citaro Hybrid also provides the basis for a new interior layout. Since no transmission or differential are required, and since there is no rigid connection between the individual drive train compo­nents, the rear passenger compartment layout in the Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid can be reorganised. Despite the engine's vertical tower design, the engine cowl can be situated low enough to be used as a luggage shelf by passengers, who enjoy an excellent all-round view.

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