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English   Mercedes Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid
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The Mercedes-Benz Cito urban midibus, presented in 1998 and in production from 1999 to 2003, also featured diesel/electric drive. The drive system, comprising a diesel engine which powered a generator, which in turn powered an electric traction motor, was fitted in the form of a "power pack" in the rear of this compact low-floor urban regular-service bus. Here too no battery was used to store energy.

Mercedes-Benz Cito

Approximately 1700 Orion hybrid buses already on the road

The Orion-brand buses built by Daimler's North American bus subsidiary are already well past the trial stage. Since 2003, Orion has won contracts to supply numerous US and Canadian cities, from New York to San Francisco, with a total of some 2800 Orion VII HybriDrive low-floor urban regular-service buses, around 1700 of which are already on the road. This makes Orion the world market leader in hybrid buses. The company also has extensive development experience: the first Orion hybrid buses went into service in the early 1990s.

The Orion VII HybriDrive was developed by Orion in association with US partners BAE Systems and is a serial hybrid vehicle. The diesel engine operates con­tin­uous­ly, powering a generator which in turn powers the electric motor. The driving axle is a conventional axle with a differential. The diesel engine is trans­versely mounted in the rear, develops 191 kW (260 hp) from a displacement of 5.9 litres and is equipped with a particulate filter. The traction motor delivers maximum power of 184 kW (250 hp), which can be raised for short periods to 235 kW (320 hp). A transmission is dispensed with.

Alternatively, the Orion uses standard lead batteries to supply energy, and since 2008 has also been able to use lithium-ion batteries. The lead batteries are housed in two containers on either side of the roof. They each comprise 23 modules and weigh more than 1.5 t. No provision has been made for recharging the Orion from an electric power outlet. Instead the batteries are recharged by braking‑­energy recuperation and by using excess power from the diesel engine. Customer tests revealed that the Orion is approximately 25 percent more fuel-efficient than a diesel‑powered competitor vehicle.

Orion VII Low Floor Hybrid

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