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English   Mercedes Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid
07.08.2009 von admin

Fuso Aero Star: Japan's first standard-production hybrid bus

Likewise active in the field of hybrid-drive urban buses is Daimler's Japanese commercial-vehicle subsidiary Fuso, with the low-floor Aero-Star model. Techni­cally, the Aero-Star's serial hybrid-drive system is similar to that of the Orion vehicle in North America: a 177 kW (241 hp) diesel engine with application- optimised performance characteristics, transversely mounted in the rear of the vehicle, drives a generator which powers two electric traction motors, which together produce an output of 134 kW (182 hp). These motors supply their torque to a combining gearbox. The vehicle features a portal axle and roof-mounted lithium-ion batteries with a weight of just 323 kg.

A number of these first standard-production Japanese hybrid buses have already gone into regular-service operation. Testing was already under way in Japan at the time of the 2002 Football World Cup.

Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star Eco Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid

Technische Daten
Diesel engine:MB OM 924 LA - Euro 4
4-cylinder in-line
160 kW ( 218 PS) - 4.800 ccm
Electric drive:4 asynchronous wheel hub motors at the centre and rear axles, output 4 x 80 kW, generator output 160 kW, lithium-ion batteries, 170 kW, capacity 19.4 kW/h
Length:17.940 mm
Width:2.550 mm
Height:3.325 mm
Seats:45 + 1
Standing cap.:103
Perm. gross vehicle weight:28.000 kg

Photos and text:
Daimler AG

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