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English   Alternative drive systems in Buses of Daimler AG – Part I
23.12.2008 von admin

O 405 GNTD: The renaissance of wheel hub motors

With the O 405 GNTD Daimler-Benz again took up the idea of wheel hub motors, now almost a century old. Since the early days of the “Mixte” drive system enormous progress had been made, of course. In the earlier experimental electric vehicles of the 1970s, DC shunt motors had been used, whereas the four ZF wheel hub motors of the dual-powered articulated bus were asynchronous motors that worked with three-phase current. Their continuous output was 50 kilowatts each; the maximum output, 75 kilowatts. Outside the trolley wire network the energy was supplied by a 300 hp OM 447 hLA diesel engine.

Just one example survives of the O 405 GTND with wheel hub motors produced in 1996, which saw service in Zurich.

Apart from the Zurich dual-powered articulated bus, 17 further articulated buses of type O 405 GNDE without current collectors but with a diesel-electric hybrid drive were completed, the first of which went into operation on April 28, 1997, on Line 42 of Stuttgart’s local public transport company. The articulated buses were preceded by the 1117 Hybrid, a medium-duty truck presented by Daimler-Benz in 1994 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, as test vehicle. Wheel hub motors promised advantages mainly in low-floor buses where there was no room for a transmission and other power-transmitting components. Installed transversely and horizontally in the rear of the bus, the 300 hp EURO II engine OM 447 hLA drove a generator that supplied current to the four wheel hub motors.

Mercedes-Benz articulated buses with diesel-electric drive, O 405 GNDE.

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