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English   The 25.000th Citaro since 1997
26.09.2009 von admin

Milestone bus to operate on Franconia's roads

The Citaro LÜ sports a brilliant silver livery with contrasting black. The Metro Design package adds a distinctive touch to the roof transition, a styling option that makes the 15-metre-long Citaro even more contemporary and urban. The roof attachments, such as the air conditioning system, are effectively concealed from the onlooker's gaze as they 'disappear' behind the styling features. The vehicle fitted with reversing cameras will in future be in service in Fürth, Franconia. The infra fürth verkehr gmbh fleet includes 46 vehicles, with the Citaro accounting for no less than 40 of them. Klaus Dieregsweiler, Operations Manager at infra fürth verkehr gmbh: "In 1999 we acquired our first Citaro, since then we've remained loyal to this model. It delivers everything you'd expect from a state-of-the-art urban-bus concept: economy, a wide-ranging equipment and model line-up as well as consummate reliability."

Klaus Dieregsweiler, Operations Manager at infra fürth verkehr gmbh (left) and Michael Göpfarth, Executive Managing Director of the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit of EvoBus GmbH (right)

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