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English   15 years ago: Buses under a new umbrella: the EvoBus era begins
12.10.2010 von admin

Electronically controlled disk brakes on all axles

Disk brakes all around can be found on any new bus from
Mercedes-Benz, and now also the Electronic Braking System EBS, seen for the first time on an Actros heavy-duty truck three years prior to the Travego premiere. This brake system stands for rapid response, sensitivity, and even wear patterns on all wheels – high grip can be taken for granted, just as can the sturdy framework with reinforcements stretching across the roof and down the sides, which Mercedes-Benz had introduced two years before the Travego in the then new Citaro. So there’s no question whether the Travego passed the ECE R 66 rollover test: this has long been the standard at Mercedes-Benz.

However, safety is a continuous process and never complete, particularly for Mercedes-Benz. For instance, the first bus to be seen with the ESP electronic stability program was a Travego, at the Hanover commercial vehicle show in 2000. Within the bounds of what is physically possible, through selective braking intervention ESP prevents vehicle oversteer or understeer and can thus make good driver error and avert the development of dangerous situations. From 2002 on, ESP was optionally available for the Travego; from autumn 2003 it was part of the standard equipment – a premiere for buses, as was the standard-fit Brake Assist beginning in 2002.

At the 2004 Hanover commercial vehicle show, in a very near-series innovation study of the Travego, Mercedes-Benz demonstrated the current state of the art in safety technology along with three more new safety systems: the autonomous intelligent cruise control (ART), the Lane Assistant system and the continuous braking limiter. All three systems currently are fitted in the Travego, whose second generation was presented by the group in 2006.

Mercedes-Benz Travego M Safety Coach - 16 RHD.

Improvements in detail

This new Mercedes-Benz Travego utilizes the unchanged foundations of the first generation, but surpasses them on all major points: in safety and comfort for passengers and driver, in looks and equipment, and in the environmental friendliness and economic efficiency of the new Euro 4 engines, the Travego sets the new standard for high-quality touring coaches.

Three high-deck touring coaches in the lineup for Western Europe

The new Mercedes-Benz Travego lineup features three high-deck touring coaches: the Travego (max. 15 seat rows, length of 12.14 m, two axles), Travego M (max. 16 seat rows, length of 12.96 m, three axles) and Travego L (max. 17 seat rows, length of 13.99 m, three axles). The overall height of all three variants is 3.71 m.

Mercedes-Benz Travego L.

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