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English   15 years ago: Buses under a new umbrella: the EvoBus era begins
12.10.2010 von admin

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While the new Mercedes-Benz Travego has a visual affinity with the preceding model, its lines show a clear evolution and refinement. The new model is elegant and at the same time masculine and progressive in appearance. For example the “face” of the coach below the familiar deep and inviting windscreen is now more sculpted, while the new front panel with air intake presents a three-dimensional appearance, has a curved upper edge and is visually more distinctive. All this, together the Mercedes star proudly displayed on a sculpted plinth, makes the front-end design reminiscent of a Mercedes-Benz passenger car. The new and larger variable-focus reflector headlamps with clear polycarbonate lenses display a prominent kink, while the turn signals are now integrated in the all-glass housing. The new-look bumper and the stylistic integration of the fog lamps emphasize the dynamism at the heart of the new touring coach.

Mercedes-Benz Travego L.

The side view of the new Travego has also been given new emphasis. Now even more prominent than before, the three-dimensional character line created by the B-pillar grows powerfully out of the vehicle body. At its lower end, it sweeps dynamically around into the front entrance door, where a wedge-shaped element forms a visual link between the front and side of the vehicle. At its upper end, the
B-pillar sweeps back elegantly above the first two side windows without impairing the passengers’ view in the slightest, before seamlessly merging into the trim panel of the fluently integrated roof-mounted air conditioning system. Its paneling wraps round the roof edge and blends smoothly into the side wall.

To give passengers in the new Travego’s rearmost row of seats a better view, the rear edges of the rear side windows are now steeper and sturdier-looking, rather than rounded as previously. The new LED side marker lights are designed to last the life of the vehicle, with no bulbs to replace. These enhancements make the new Mercedes-Benz Travego appear more powerful but also more elegant, as well as ensuring stylistic unity. They also ensure an evolutionary continuation of the design language of the previous model.

Mercedes-Benz Travego.

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