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English   15 years ago: Buses under a new umbrella: the EvoBus era begins
12.10.2010 von admin

The customer can choose from a large number of special equipment items and spec out the vehicle precisely for his purposes. The facelift also brought a 140 millimeter extension to the front end, which is to the advantage of the driver’s area and the entrance as well as the optionally available tour guide’s seat. Altogether, the new exterior width of 2.55 meters makes for even greater spaciousness.

As to the engines, SCR units complying with Euro 4 and Euro 5 made their arrival. As standard, Mercedes delivers the Integro with the horizontally installed in-line six-cylinder OM 457 hLA developing 299 hp. On request, a variant with 354 hp also is available; it is standard equipment for the three-axle Integro L (15 meters long).

All models of the Integro come equipped with the tried-and-tested, horizontally mounted Euro-4 in-line six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM 457 hLA turbodiesel engine with 12-litre displacement. This engine comes as standard with a power output of 220 kW (299 hp) and a maximum torque of 1250 Nm at a low engine speed of only 1100 rpm.

The name Integro was agenda in two respects: the new bus integrated rural-service bus and excursion bus in one model. And it was a symbol of the integration of the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit and Setra. Endowed with many Setra genes, the Mercedes-Benz Integro did not stand for an entirely new bus from the new company, EvoBus. Mercedes-Benz would present that a year later.

The Citaro arrives with forward-pointing technology

Its very first appearance in 1997 at the UITP Congress in Stuttgart caused quite a stir: seldom was a new urban regular-service bus the subject of so much interest and attention as the prototype of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro at the world congress of public transport operators. The Citaro as a completely new design with forward-pointing technology, and looks which were no less extraordinary, and as a complete in-house development, rang in the end of the conventional standard urban regular-service bus as built successfully by Mercedes-Benz in the form of the O 305 and O 405 for more than 30 years.

The courage to make a fresh start with the Mercedes-Benz Citaro and many ideas of one’s own went down outstandingly well with transport operators and passengers. So well that the Citaro celebrated a rare jubilee in autumn 2004: at the FIAA bus and coach show in Madrid in October 2004 the 10,000th bus of the model series was handed over to a customer. The Citaro was thus sticking hard on the heels of its square-jawed predecessor, the O 405.

The Citaro bus represents a completely new design with groundbreaking technology.

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