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English   15 years ago: Buses under a new umbrella: the EvoBus era begins
12.10.2010 von admin

Numerous improvements in the interior

Numerous improvements also were made to the interior, ranging from a new cover for the radiators in the side walls to further seating variants. A more variable design of the bus was also possible. For instance, an engine mounted longitudinally on the left side of the bus, as an optional extra, permitted creating both solo and articulated buses with a low floor extending all the way to the rear.

The new interior.

In the same way, over the years the economy of the Citaro also could be further improved. The shift strategy of the ZF automatic transmission meanwhile had been refined; five shift programs were available. Compressed air tanks made of aluminum instead of steel cut weight. A new brake management system permitted even more sensitive deceleration The destination display is extremely flat, very readable, easy to operate and service. It is no secret that the entirely new Citaro with its comprehensive equipment initially posed problems to production. But these difficulties were overcome many years ago.

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro long since had grown into an extensive family of models which served the entire public transit spectrum with buses of twelve meters length and more. It now comprised not only the Citaro low-floor urban bus and the rural-service variant Citaro Ü, each twelve meters in length, but the 13 meter long rural-service bus Citaro MÜ as well, the 15 meter long three-axle Citaro L and Citaro LÜ plus the low-floor articulated buses Citaro G and Citaro GÜ, each measuring 18 meters in length. The letter “Ü” always indicates the rural-service variant.

The OC 500 LE urban bus chassis from the Sámano plant in Spain supplements this range. Characteristic of this chassis is the low floor, and a front entrance with no steps which the low floor makes possible. The two-axle, air-sprung chassis takes bodies up to 13.5 meters in length.

Mercedes-Benz Chassis OC 500 LE

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