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English   A historical review: The International Automobile Show (IAA) and Mercedes-Benz
18.09.2010 von admin

The industry recovers – with a production record

The industry had substantially recovered by 1977, and German automobile manufacturers were heading for a new production record: more than four million motor vehicles were produced for the first time. Accordingly, the 47th IAA was symbolic of growing self-confidence in the industry. Daimler-Benz presented the 123-series station-wagon models 240 TD, 300 TD, 230 TD, 250 T and 280 TE to the public: “In this way we are also opening up the increasingly interesting recreational and transport market for Mercedes”, Daimler-Benz Chairman Joachim Zahn explained.

In 1979 energy was once again the focus of attention at the IAA. “This year’s automobile fair will no doubt substantially reflect the question of the concepts with which each individual manufacturer confronts the demands of a new phase in design, production and vehicle use, particularly in terms of energy savings”, Joachim Zahn stated at the press conference. He attached great importance to the fact that as a pioneer and proponent of diesel technology, Mercedes-Benz had placed its confidence in this “particularly economical and environmentally friendly” drive technology for more than 40 years, and continued to conduct intensive research on alternative drive systems for motor vehicles.

Accordingly, Mercedes-Benz presented the new S-Class models at the 48th IAA under the motto “The S-Class: Technology for the future with the economy of today” – “to emphasize that in developing these models, we have greatly contributed to the current debate on energy savings”, said Joachim Zahn. “This was made possible by weight savings of between 50 and 280 kilograms, fundamental aerodynamic improvements and new light-alloy engines. This has enabled fuel consumption to be reduced by more than 10 percent for the entire S-Class.”
Poster of the IAA 1979

In 1981 the new models were likewise exhibited in the light of economy and a low fuel consumption. At the 49th IAA, Mercedes-Benz presented a further energy concept for reducing fuel consumption and the environmental burden. In addition the company displayed the "Auto 2000", an experimental vehicle for innovations in car engineering. Glamour was brought to the Mercedes-Benz stand by the S-Class coupes 380 SEC and 500 SEC. All in all, the IAA was seen as a sign of a limited economic upturn.

Everyday heroes: The vans from Mercedes-Benz.

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