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English   A historical review: The International Automobile Show (IAA) and Mercedes-Benz
18.09.2010 von admin

The 100th birthday of Gottlieb Daimler remembered

At the IAA held in 1934, during which a ceremony was held to mark the 100th birthday of Gottlieb Daimler, the German automobile industry was once again experiencing good times: in 1933 domestic sales increased by 121 percent to just under 82,500 cars, with exports rising by 34 percent to more than 10,000. Total production of vans and trucks rose by 54 percent to over 12,400 as a result of mainly domestic sales, as the proportion accounted for by exports fell by 2.4 percent to 1,782 units.

The German Chancellor Adolf Hitler not only opened the 24th IAA in 1934, he also decided its March opening date. After all, “the motorization of Germany has become a question of fate”, as the "Braunschweiger Tageszeitung" wrote at the time. 400 automobiles and 125 motorcycles were on display at Germany’s largest motor show. In a circular to all dealerships and sales outlets, Wilhelm Kissel expressed satisfaction at the large crowds around the Daimler-Benz stand, and at the public’s opinion of the model range, which was “generally extremely favorable”. “The 1934 International Automobile and Motorcycle Fair in Berlin has further strengthened and reinforced the reputation and status of the Mercedes-Benz brand”, he continued. “Now you must all do your duty, each in his own position. We expect this of you. The registration figures must furnish the proof.”

At the IAA in 1935, which was held on a roofed area of 60,000 square meters by the Kaiserdamm and radio tower, and was celebrated as the “greatest motor show of all time”, the German automobile industry was brimming with self-confidence. The feeling of unity was encouraged by the architecture: “This exhibition is a uniform whole, designed and constructed according to a single will and plan, and gives an impression of solidarity which has been lacking in earlier fairs”, is how "Der Motorist" described the new uniformity in fair organization. “This is no longer a matter of industrial companies fighting for supremacy, but of the German automobile and motorcycle industry firmly uniting to fight for our national prestige and the national success of a wonderful cause.” Some 600,000 visitors found their way to the 25th IAA in Berlin.
Poster of the IAA 1933

Future-oriented: Mercedes-Benz touring coach with streamlined body, presented at the 1935 International Motor Show in Berlin.

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