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English   The most successful rural bus of all time: 30,000 Citaros in twelve years
28.08.2010 von admin

The 30,000th bus

The 30,000th Citaro is an embodiment of the essential attributes to which the model range owes its success: flexible, cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and passenger-oriented. The Citaro G CNG sporting silver metallic paintwork offset with traffic orange is fitted with an environmentally friendly natural gas engine. The M 447 (h)LAG engine rated at 240 kW complies with the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) emissions standard without a particulate filter. The voluntary EEV emissions standard defines the most stringent European emission levels at present, with limits set below those of the Euro 5 standard. Customers have been able to order the alternative CNG drive from the modular system for their Citaro ever since 1998.

The light and pleasant interior of the 4-door Citaro is equipped with an interior and door surveillance system. Two door cameras, at door 3 and door 4, relay the images to a TFT monitor at the driver's workplace. This monitor also displays the image from the backup camera during reversing. The driver's entire workplace is separated from the passenger compartment by a driver's cab. The overhead air conditioning system enables separate climate control for the driver's workplace and the passenger compartment.

Bus-stop names are displayed on two 48.26 cm TFT monitors in the front and rear sections of the bus. The monitors are linked up to the IBIS on-board computer to display information on the route and the next bus stop. In addition to controlling the passenger information systems, IBIS is also responsible for influencing the light signalling systems. The operational control centre is able to transmit acoustic or visual messages directly to one or all vehicles on the line. The exact position of the vehicle is determined via GPS, evaluated and relayed to the passenger information panels at the bus stops. In this way, passengers are informed of exact arrival and departure times in real time at the bus stops. [/BLOCK]

The most successful rural bus of all time: 30,000 Citaros in twelve years - (from left to right): Michael Göpfarth, Head of Sales at the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach Unit of EvoBus GmbH; Walter Rathberger, Managing and Executive Director of Linz Linien GmbH

Linz Linien GmbH

Linz Linien GmbH is a company belonging to the Austrian Linz AG group. The transport undertaking handles an annual volume of almost 26 million passengers, operating 90 buses on 26 lines. In 2007 the company decided to replace its entire diesel-powered bus fleet with environmentally friendly and barrier-free Citaro natural gas buses. A total of 88 Citaro low-floor articulated and rigid buses are to be delivered by 2011. This decision by Linz Linien GmbH sent out signals beyond Austria's borders. The 30,000th Citaro forms part of this order.

Linz Linien GmbH is currently the first transport company in Austria to test the series-production Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid. As an innovative, quiet and environmentally friendly vehicle concept, this hybrid vehicle fits the bill perfectly for Linz AG, which is incorporating new drives in all guises into its comprehensive mobility concept. Experts from Linz AG monitor the latest market trends with the aim of finding and deploying sustainable, lasting alternatives to fossil fuels for both public and private transport. The switch from diesel to gas buses was an initial step here in the area of public transport. Initial results with the Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid, based primarily on stretches covered on electric power only, have been positive. [/BLOCK]

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