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English   The new NEOPLAN Skyliner – an unmatched standard of travel
23.09.2010 von admin

When giving the new NEOPLAN Skyliner its exterior form, the designers oriented themselves towards the traditional features of the double-decker coach, but their interpretation of them is radically new. The forward-thrusting window columns are typical of the NEOPLAN, as are the dynamically upswept two-part windscreen, the horizontal ventilation grilles of the engine compartment flap and the rear bumper – design elements reminiscent of predecessors but interpreted in a modern fashion. At the same time, new stylistic elements such as the visor look of the forebody, the dynamically-angled wheel arches, the striking rear end with its V-shaped window and chromed panel as well as the clear-glass headlights identify the Skyliner as a member of the current NEOPLAN family. With its skilful mix of curves and edges such as the diamond cut of the windows along the edge of the roof and its smooth, consistent lines, the Skyliner assimilates the prize-winning "Sharp Cut Design" of its NEOPLAN siblings, the Starliner and the Cityliner. The Skyliner's new window line stretches the bodywork, while the curvature of the upper windscreen, the rounded rear end with its taperings and the upward angled skylights make the double-decker coach appear less weighty, while conveying a dynamic and simultaneously elegant impression to the vehicle, despite its 13.99-m length and a height of 4.00 metres.
Rear view

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