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English   The new NEOPLAN Skyliner – an unmatched standard of travel
23.09.2010 von admin

In order to meet the high expectations of the new Skyliner's passengers in terms of comfort, the double-decker coach has a completely newly developed air-conditioning system. The usual air-conditioning unit in the rear now services only the upper deck, while the lower deck has two evaporators of its own, located left and right above the front wheels. And: thanks to the separate systems, temperatures on the upper and lower decks can be individually regulated better than ever before. The driver is now able to regulate with precision the different temperatures that suit passengers on the upper deck (rest area) and lower deck (communication and catering). Impressive: the two air-conditioning systems together deliver a cooling performance of 56 kW, which is almost 40 percent more than in the previous model. The diameters of the air ducts in the roof have been increased to enable a 25-percent greater throughflow, so that the air, which is at just the right temperature, effectively reaches the passengers.

The new air-conditioning concept even benefits the Skyliner's baggage compartment: because the air ducts to the lower deck (and the big rear overhang) are now superfluous, it was possible to increase the volume of the baggage compartment again relative to its predecessor. Depending on the vehicle configuration there are from nine to over eleven cubic metres available for the passengers' baggage – the biggest amount of space on the market. The baggage compartment can be accessed from both sides, and on demand, also from the on-board galley. It is largely free of uneven surfaces and edges.

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