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English   The new VISEON LDD14 – flexible and versatile regional double-decker bus
25.09.2010 von admin

The design:
Regular service double-decker in its most beautiful form

With the VISEON LDD14, the bus and coach manufacturer from the Bavarian town of Pilsting has proved that a 4 m high and 14 m long vehicle can be packaged extremely elegantly, tastefully and with flair. In so doing, the VISEON design engineers have succeeded in lending the oversized cuboid both fluid external lines and soft edges while, at the same time, the characteristic design elements of the VISEON buses - V-shaped wings and V-shaped arrangement of headlights and rear lights - harmoniously combine with the overall picture. The windscreen stretches continuously upwards high into the roof and creates an impression of being open and friendly. At the same time, the V-shaped inclined headlights complete with standard LED daytime lamps provide a sporty touch to the double-decker.

The side view is characterised by the large V-shaped wings which - optically enhanced by the top window line that inclines almost imperceptibly downwards at the front into the lower deck - catches the enormous length of the giant bus and, as a result, underlines the satisfying proportions of the new bus. For the observer, a view of the rear of the VISEON LDD14 is both expressive and impressive at the same time. The characteristic style features with the VISEON V, state-of-the-art rear lights and the strikingly-formed rear window harmonise here in the best way possible with the bold cooling and ventilation fins and the athletically streamlined form of the rear as a whole.

Front and rear lights are not only important components in the design of the VISEON LDD14. In addition, they also offer enhanced safety and ease of maintenance. Apart from the daytime lamps, all other lights with the exception of the main, high-beam and fog lights are designed in energy-saving, long-lasting and low-maintenance LED technology. The new V-shaped rear lights with downward-angled, large-sized LED strips have been filed for patent protection by VISEON.

The body:
a completely new development for more customer benefits

With the development of the new regional LDD14 double-decker, VISEON engineers designed a completely new vehicle from the floor right through to the roof. Furthermore, this was conveniently integrated into the VISEON modular construction system which already provides the basis for the C-series coaches. As a result, various components from the VISEON C10, such as the side windows or front spoiler, are also utilised in the LDD14. Although such a completely new development initially increases both time and expense, it does however facilitate technical solutions which are indeed linked to real added value for the bus operator. An example for this is the rear entrance which can be optimised to suit customer requirements along with the respective door and seating arrangement: it can be installed in front of the middle axle behind door II or behind the rear axle in front of door III in the direction of driving. The bus body apertures for the doors also profit from the new development. With 1380 millimetres, this is now 30 millimetres wider than was previously the case. Advantage: wider doors to speed up passengers boarding and alighting the vehicle.

Like all VISEON buses, the VISEON LDD14 has a self-supporting lattice tube frame. The lightweight and extremely stable basic structure is welded together using the proven all-round spar technology with precision-lasered square steel bars. The steel tube frame construction undergoes a comprehensive high-quality KTL cathodic dip painting process to ensure reliable and long-lasting protection against corrosion. In this respect, VISEON gives a six-year warranty against rust.

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