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English   Mercedes-Benz Integro rural-service bus
24.03.2012 von admin

German version

Mercedes-Benz Integro rural-service bus
  • Clear and unmistakable styling underlines the relationship
    to the touring coach
  • Three different length versions
  • More space for the driver, guide and passengers
  • Redesigned cockpit places emphasis on the driver’s needs
  • Spacious passenger compartment with new rural-service-bus seating
  • 200 kg lighter than the predecessor models

Mercedes-Benz Integro – 2006

The new Mercedes-Benz Integro has been designed with the specific requirements of rural-service operations in mind. Featuring two doors, the newcomer is available in three lengths on two (Integro and Integro M) or three axles (Integro L) and is therefore able to cover the full spectrum of operations from suburban services on short routes to long-distance rural services and is also ideal for shuttle services and excursions. With its winning combination of comfort and economy as well as its ability to adapt flexibly to a wide range of applications, the new Integro represents a particularly economical choice as it allows operators to use it in two different ways: after operating on regular-service routes during the week, it can be redeployed at weekends for excursions and weekend breaks, etc. and can thus be used to its full capacity. This flexibility is very much in keeping with the „full-line supplier“ philosophy of the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit, meeting the whole spectrum of customer requirements from minibuses to low-floor and low-entry regular-service buses right up to rural-service buses and luxury touring coaches.

Mercedes-Benz Integro – 2006

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