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16.04.2010 von admin

In 2003/2004, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge starts restructuring production at Neoplan. The Stuttgart plant is closed in the course of this reorganisation and in 2006, Pilsting becomes the new headquarters of Neoplan for the time being. In 2008, finally, Neoplan production is focused on Plauen. The production of niche products and customer bodies for coaches is shifted to Viseon Bus GmbH, a company founded by former MAN managers that takes over the plant in Pilsting from MAN with a workforce of about 200 in April 2009.

Neoplan Cityliner N 1216 HD

2006 and once again the IAA showcases the new generation of a true Neoplan evergreen – the Cityliner. It has the keenly attractive sharp-cut lines of the Starliner plus much of the latter's reliable and innovative technology. Right from the start, these new Cityliners come with modern MAN common-rail engines compliant with the Euro 4 emissions-control standard. Selling more than 30 units even before the IAA closes, the Cityliner proves that customers and professional designers alike are much taken by this new-generation vehicle. Following on from there, in 2007 the Cityliner wins the coveted "red dot: best of the best" design award for its superior, innovative design.

In 2008, NEOMAN Bus GmbH, the company founded after the merger of MAN and Neoplan, is fully integrated into MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG and enjoys the full benefit of the group-wide synergies of an international key player.

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Gruppe
MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Gruppe

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