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16.04.2010 von admin

Just as Albrecht Auwärter revolutionised bus-building with the "Hamburg" model, in 1964 younger brother Konrad gives ample proof that as the youngest member of the family he too has inherited the spirit for developing cutting-edge bus technology. Konrad Auwärter concludes his course of engineering studies by submitting a dissertation on what would be the "Do-bus", an extremely lightweight double-decker service bus. Neoplan however is engaged primarily in the business of developing and building coaches, so in 1965 the design principle is adapted to the tourism sector and embodied in the Do-Lux, a sightseeing luxury double-decker. Although it was originally intended as a sightseeing bus for the city of Berlin, the buyers of the Do-Lux gradually go over more and more to using it for coach touring.

First Neoplan line-double-decker. Constructed fall 1965 of Konrad Auwärter. News: First double-decker with 100 seats, total height 3,99 m. Special characteristic, floor-hight only 350 mm above the road. The vehicle itself had no steps or stairheads.

Neoplan Do-Lux NB 20 L – The first Neoplan double-decker for town-allround-trip 1965 for Magasch-Berolina, Berlin. Total height 4 m, 74 + 1 seats. Fibre-glass domes in front and rear gave a good view. In the rear a MAN underfloor-wisper-engine was installed.

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