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English   75 years Neoplan
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The Neoplan designers are well aware of the needs and preferences specific to this sector, so the company decides to develop a long-haul double-decker coach in line with these requirements – this is the Skyliner. When the design debuts in 1967 at the Bus Week in Nice, France, Neoplan steals the show. Before the year is out the original two-axle bus has been joined by a three-axle version with a tag third axle. The "liner" part of the designation, of course, harks back to the luxurious overtones of travel on luxury ocean-going liners and the speed of airliners, and has since been included in the names by which virtually all the new series from Neoplan have become famous around the world.

Neoplan Skyliner NH 22 – As early as 1967 the touring coach version of this bus was developed and founded a new class of coaches.

Neoplan pioneers modern touring coaches

Ten years have passed since the "Hamburg" model debuted – it is time to advance the groundbreaking concept to the next stage in its evolution. In this vein, Neoplan moves further down the chosen path of development from single-decker to high-decker and in 1971 the company selects the 20th Bus Week in Monaco as the venue for its launch of Europe's first high-deck touring coach – the Neoplan Cityliner. The passenger compartment is now two steps higher than the cockpit, the seats are again mounted on raised platforms. The side windows curving into the roofline, the high-comfort air suspension with rear subframe and front independent suspension still figure large on the list of standard Neoplan features, as do the air-vent nozzles for the comfort and convenience of each individual passenger. The Cityliner sets new standards for comfortable long-haul buses. In 1973 the range is extended to include a triple-axle version which, like the "Hamburg" in its day, earns the Cityliner the Grand Prix d´Excellence, the highest accolade in European bus-building.

The very first Neoplan Cityliner that was designed in 1971 as a city sightseeing coach in front of the Stuttgart testing department.

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