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English   World premiere of the new Neoplan Skyliner in Kortrijk
24.10.2011 von admin

The Skyliner is a witness to design quality and visual finesse – just like every Neoplan coach since the fifties. The Skyliner's side view impresses with the new proportions of its window area, which visually extends the bodywork, lending it an air of aesthetically pleasing lightness. The double-decker coach is in no way bulky or cumbersome but makes a compact, manoeuvrable impression from every angle. Upper-deck side windows running well into the roof with the characteristic diamond cut of the transparent windows along the edge of the roof further underscore the Skyliner's exclusiveness. The three-axle vehicle's angled wheel arches emphasize its dynamic character. Thanks to clear and consistent lines and strikingly accentuated design elements, the designers were able to do without trendy decoration, which would have contradicted the objective of a Neoplan line with its timeless elegance.

The athletic rear end of the Skyliner is formed by the downward-tapering rear window, the chromed panel with Neoplan lettering (and integrated reversing camera), the distinctive cooling ribs and the curved rear lights made so well known by the Starliner and Cityliner. An elegantly formed bumper is the robust-looking completion of the rear end, while the spoiler-like end of the roof contributes to a reduction in drag.

Thanks to exhaustive simulations and uncounted hours of work in the wind tunnel, the aerodynamic properties of the Skyliner bodywork are unmatched. Large front radii, the angled panorama window, the smooth bodywork with its flush-set doors and hatches as well as the aerodynamically optimised rear end all combine to produce a drag coefficient (cW) of only 0.41 – a value that up to now had never been achieved by a double-decker coach and one equivalent to that of a modern medium-class van. The Skyliner's outstanding aerodynamic characteristics pay off for the coach operator in the form of lower fuel consumption and hence lower fuel costs, while the passengers will enjoy hearing even less wind noise. The result of this aerodynamic optimisation is a reduction in consumption calculated at around five percent at a constant speed of 100 km/h on the motorway. And for the environment, this means one of the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger-kilometre, currently unrivalled by any other commercially available type of transport.

The Skyliner's developers consciously used components that had also been employed for the Neoplan Starliner and/or Cityliner, for example rear lights, headlights, flaps and glazing. This reduces the number of variants used in the range of Neoplan models, bringing with it benefits for the customer. The use of identical parts increases the security of spare-parts supply and decreases costs in the event of accident damage.

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