The new VISEON C10
29.04.2010 - 01:00

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The new VISEON C10: premium midi-format coach
  • The first premium coach completely developed and produced by VISEON offers travel comfort of the highest level
  • New premium class in midibus sector

The new VISEON C10

In May 2010, the bus manufacturer from Pilsting in Lower Bavaria is presenting its first coach completely developed and produced in-house - the VISEON C10. As a new midi coach in premium class, the VISEON C10 not only focuses on design, comfort and fittings. Technical details, such as the special roof construction with raised beams and headroom to the rear, the powerful but economical drive, the top-quality chassis and the extensive safety features, all set standards in this class. So the VISEON C10 achieves the compactness and agility of a midibus without having to compromise on the comfort and safety of a "big" coach.

The idea:
Midibus from the start

The development team for the VISEON C10 under Head of Technology Ernö Bartha accepted the huge challenge and designed a completely standalone midi coach at premium level in less than 18 months. Therefore, the VISEON C10 is not derived from a longer model, but rather represents a standalone vehicle concept, which has been specially created for the requirements of a coach for small groups:

  1. Compact with sufficient space in the passenger and luggage areas
  2. Light, with powerful but nevertheless economical drive
  3. Comfortable with full-format chassis fit for travel and
  4. safe, with everything that modern framework construction and electronics have to offer.

The new VISEON C10

Even the dimensions show that the VISEON team have achieved the feat of filling a gap in the top-quality midibus market. At 3.52 metres high, the VISEON C10 is streamlined and fits into garages. Nevertheless, it is high enough to offer enough room for a spacious luggage section and headroom in the aisle. At 10.4 metres long, the VISEON C10 is short enough to negotiate Alpine passes or to manoeuvre through tight streets on city tours. At the same time, however, it is long enough to withstand vibrations and shocks even in difficult road conditions and to offer space for up to 41 passengers.

The self-supporting bodywork with a tube frame in all round spur technology gives the VISEON C10 shape, stability and security. Although the new midibus was designed as a standalone vehicle, the engineers based the framework on a modular design that, on the one hand, considers the requirements on the MAN drive and chassis components and, on the other, allows for any future expansion of the model range with minimum effort. Thanks to this modular design, VISEON are not only offering the new vehicle with the standard centre entry with central toilet, but also with rear entry, combined with a rear toilet and choice of kitchen or seating in the rear.

The kitchen in the rear

The design:
dynamic, elegant and distinctive

The design team around designer Michael Streicher have given the VISEON C10 an expressive and elegant appearance. The coach has soft lines with some distinctive edges with their harmonious proportions and lively, dynamic line. The team succeeded with their visually pleasing design of the overall length and height, but also the height of the window lines, the side panelling and the luggage flaps. Discrete design elements like the VISEON V, which is to be found under the front windscreen as a small and pointed "nose" and over the B and C columns as a large elegant shape up to the roof, or the boomerang-like arrangement of headlights and lighting elements on the front and rear, are accents in the right places and underline the self-confident, modern and distinctive appearance of the new coach. At the same time, these style elements are reminiscent of the other VISEON ranges, such as the VISEON LT trolley bus series.

The face of the new VISEON C10 coach is both friendly and self-confident. The large, deep-design front windscreen with its smiling bottom edge curving upwards suggests a kind openness. The headlights and daytime lamp arranged in a boomerang shape are striking and give the new VISEON coach its characteristic eagle appearance and also a sporty look. The form of the front headlights is repeated thematically in the rear lights and gives a contoured waist to the athletic youthful form of the rear.

As a central design element of the side section, the VISEON V soars elegantly over the B and C column and tapers away gently on the roof edge. This roof edge, also called roof rounding, covers the central in-roof air conditioning with ist striking raised design and, thus, contributes substantially to the cheerfully and harmoniously proportioned appearance of the sides.

The coachwork:
latest technology in a small space

As with any good design, the high roof rounding not only fulfils aesthetic demands. It also acts as a trough that stops rainwater from running from the roof over the side windows and channels it into the wiper range of the front windscreen - one reason why the wipers are equipped with 1,200-milimetre long blades. Additionally, the rounding acts as a channel for running all the cables and hoses and piping for the air conditioning. The most important interfaces have been positioned specifically for easy access. The ventilation ducts in the narrow ceiling lining are, therefore, free of disruptive inserts and the air is fed without disruption straight to the air outlets for ventilation of the passenger area.

With its functionality, the special design of the roof edge adds to the overall design of the modular, self-supporting tube frame. The light-weight and extremely stable structure has been welded from precision-lasered square bar steel using tried and tested all round spar technology and has two defined antiroll bars in the area of the B column and at the rear. Using three-dimensional CAD construction and laborious finite element calculation, the engineers were not only able to give the coachwork functional and attractive sculptured surfaces, but were also able to optimise with regard to weight and stability. Of course, the coachwork is certified in accordance with the latest tightened standard ECE R66 on antiroll stability. The whole steel tube construction is reliably and permanently protected against corrosion with a top-quality KTL primer down to the smallest elbow. Therefore, VISEON makes a 6-year guarantee against perforation corrosion.

The connection between the framework and the tried and tested chassis and drive modules supplied by MAN is effected at defined points that do not cover any hollow spaces and, therefore, can easily be re-protected against rust after fitting.

Whilst the front and rear sections consist of glass fibre reinforced plastic, the side walls are lined with fully galvanised steel plate, which is firmly connected under tension. The extremely light aluminium luggage flaps and doors get their unusual stability and torsional stiffness from the double-leaf method familiar from car doors. The smooth outer surface is firmly connected to the stabilising inner of bevelled steel. The multi-link hinges are an equally simple yet effective innovation. These are used to attach luggage space flaps, the engine space flap and the service flaps. The newly developed hinge with seven links and very small size also swings the flap outward slightly on opening, facilitating an unusually large opening angle of over 140 degrees. This makes the luggage space and service points particularly accessible. The attractive wheel arches of corrosion-free, glass fibre reinforced plastic are designed as universal models for left and right and can be removed if needed.

The luggage space and the service points:
generously sized and easily accessible.

The high design with an aisle height of 1,270 millimetres above road level facilitates a voluminous luggage space with more than six cubic metres, which offers enough space for the baggage of up to 41 guests. The optional storage spaces for smaller luggage or drinks above all four wheelhouses are especially practical. These are very generously sized and are accessible from the luggage area. The main control panel for the vehicle electronics is stored in the centre of the front wall of the luggage space, well-protected behind a stable panel. If needed, you have dry access to the modules and relays here, quickly and without effort. The housing for the control panel also accommodates the channel for the forced venting, which feeds the air from the passenger area through the luggage space in the negative pressure range behind the front axle to the outside.

The luggage space

Other control panels are located close to the consumers, in the area of the front and rear doors and behind the service flap underneath the driver's seat. This service area also houses the batteries on a pull-out slide, a circuit breaker and a 15-litre container for the screen wash system. The standard spare wheel is stored behind the fold-down fairing. There is additional storage for tools behind the left rear wheel in front of the cooler. The VISEON engineers have fitted the 480-litre diesel tank between the wheelhouses of the front axle. This can be filled from both sides as standards. The flaps on the filler neck are directly behind the front wheel. Therefore, filling up is also easy from the right-hand side even if the door is open.

The control panels underneath the driver's seat

The vehicle lighting:
first time with LED technology throughout

VISEON are using LED technology for all outside lights for the first time on a coach, except for the main and high-beam lights and the fog lights. In addition to the usual side marker lights, all indicators and brake lights on the front, side and rear now benefit from the durable, fail-proof and energy-saving LED technology. In addition, the VISEON C10 has subtle LED daytime lamps that enable energy-saving travel without main headlight and, thus, a substantial energy saving. The top marker lights at the rear are designed to be space-saving and low-maintenance as combined rear, brake and indicator lights with long-life LED technology. VISEON also offers main and high-beam headlights with extremely clear and wide-illumination bi-xenon lamps. An adaptive light that - controlled by the wheel lock on the left axle - switches off the right or left fog light as needed, come as standard on the VISEON C10.

The exterior mirrors:
More than just a mirror

The new type of exterior mirrors with their different mirror surfaces offer an outstanding view from the driver's seat to the rear, the side and directly in front of the vehicle. The main mirrors can be adjusted electronically as standard and are electrically heated and have a vibration-damping element in the mirror arm. The special glass in these mirrors has reduced glare effect at night (Nightsafe®). Mirrors with water-repellent glass are also available on request (Hydrosafe®). Rain drops and dirt roll off the surface - mirrors remain clean even during rain and, therefore, always offer a good view to the rear even in unfavourable weather conditions. The customer can also order a camera-supported a blind spot alarm at extra cost. This monitors the area to the left next to the vehicle that the mirror does not show and warns of vehicles or obstacles in this area with four LED warning lights in the mirror. The right mirror arm has integrated low-maintenance LED lighting to ensure safe entry and exit from the vehicle even at night.

The escort space and driver's workstation:
generous, clear and practical

Entry is convenient via three, 220-milimetre-high steps. There are handrails to the right in front of the dashboard and on the left on the escort's chair to ensure that even elderly guests can board safely. A further safety measure is immediately visible: the fire extinguisher, which the designers have positioned for easy access behind a Plexiglas panel under the steps to the aisle.

The escort space has generous legroom and can be fitted with a single or double seat. As the attachment points are identical for both models, customers can also choose to change to seat later on. There is a 55-litre fridge and space for travel documents beneath the large flap in the dashboard. There is a switch for hostess call and reading light to the side of the door, as well as nozzle ventilation that keeps the door glass clear in winter and provides the escort with cool air in summer. The air for the front windscreen is also provided by effective nozzle ventilators, which are located at the front of the dashboard pointing up. Heating for the front windscreen is also available.

The dashboard is made of top-quality composite materials with a soft-touch surface and is a distinctive chocolate-brown colour, making a pleasant change to the industry-standard grey. Whilst it is low on the right-hand side to improve visibility and runs in a straight line beside the door, the dashboard curves around on the driver's side around the workstation at the wheel. The instrument area is slightly tilted in the driver's direct line of vision. Two large round instruments and central multi-function display show all necessary information at a glance. Other data can be accessed at any time at the touch of a button. Whilst the switches for service functions like door openings, toilet, hostess call or reading light are on the right, the switches for drive functions like lights, fog lights, sun blinds or mirror adjustment, are on the left. The lever for the handbrake is also on the left at the front, directly next to the driver.

The optional navigation device with rear view camera function, the electronic heating and air conditioning controls, the audio and video system and the digital tachograph are arranged at the front on the right-hand side of the screen integrated into the dashboard and are easy to access from top to bottom. There is still sufficient space underneath for a large, closing drawer, which is A4 sized and can be used to store travel documents or other paraphernalia. The designers have equipped the driver's workstation on the VISEON C10 very generously with storage space. Open pockets and holders underneath the driver's window and a large vertical net on the left next to the driver's seat can be used for other accessories. And if that is not enough, there is an additional folder-sized space for the driver's documents in the gear lever console under an elegant roller cover. There is also space to install a safe in the stair head directly behind the driver's seat. On request, customers can also order additional, closing overhead storage for the driver and the escort.

On the VISEON C10 the driver is beneath the passenger level, meaning he is not in the passengers' direct line of sight when he takes position in his comfortable seat behind the wheel with cruise control. The designed space for the driver's area is so generous that even tall people can find a comfortable sitting and working position. The clear visibility from the workstation is very impressive at the front, the side and to the rear using the new type of mirrors. The standard driver's seat has several adjustment options, adjustable lumbar support and an integrated driver's microphone. The electrically operated, two-part sun blind offers sun protection in addition to the windscreen with integrated thermo-reflective film. The driver's window opens horizontally, either manually or also electrically on request.

The passenger area:
comfort, elegance and smart solutions

Another step leads to the spacious passenger area. The central aisle - slight slope at the front - offers headroom of at least 1,980 millimetres along its whole length. You can even stand comfortably in the kitchen at the rear, which is available on request. The engineers came up with an ingenious design to realise this despite the relatively low overall height of the vehicle: the roof over the central aisle slopes upwards behind the centrally installed air conditioning system. At the same time, a panoramic window has been added at this point, which can also act as an emergency exit. A bright dome with additional headroom has been installed in the slightly raised area above the engine space.

The spacious luggage racks are upholstered underneath and offer enough space even for larger bags. Slightly curved brackets connect the rack to the ceiling. This tried and tested design not only counters disruptive movement and vibrations. It also helps to keep the vehicle's overall weight as low as possible. There is no need for heavy, free-running supports and their extensive anchors. The cross members of the luggage racks are also home to the aisle lighting and loud speakers.

The comfortably designed interior with four harmonised basic colours of light beige, chocolate-brown, black and aluminium-grey can be individually designed from the large selection of upholstery and colour-matched carpets for the wall cladding. The ceiling lining is a neutral light beige tone and is made from top-quality, completely recyclable plastic. This comprises a stable base layer of ABS plastic and thermoplastic polyurethane layer fused to this in a coextrusion process, which not only gives the ceiling a light grain, but also a sophisticated soft-touch.

The roof channel with its multi-function aluminium profile represents a world first and a substantial innovation on the new VISEON C10. This profile not only forms the ventilation channel with the air outlets for even room ventilation. It also contains a rail system for the side curtains and for attractive service sets with reading lights and hostess call, which can be installed at as many points as you wish. The show stopper: the power supply for the service sets is already integrated in the profile. Therefore, there is no need for cables or failure-prone connectors to be fitted in the roof channel.

The heating and air conditioning system developed by VISEON ensures a good climate. It is electronically controlled as standard and provides an indirect ventilation system with outlets at the aisle and windows. Thus, there is a pleasant, draught-free climate in the whole passenger area whatever the weather. The air conditioning is available with different performance levels (3 star, 4 star, 5 star for use in hot countries) with 24 kW or 32 kW. Maintenance-free convectors can heat the inside evenly and provide pleasant radiant heat. Additional entry heaters on the front door and also on the rear door on request prevent cold getting in at this point. The side windows are a new type of insulating glass and so also ensure even temperatures inside and also contribute to the vehicle's low weight. Due to demonstrably better stability than with the standard 4.0-milimetre sheets of glass inside and outside, two 3.0-milimetre-thick layers of glass are used here - a weight advantage of more than 70 kilograms. A gas filling in the 8.0-milimetre gap between the layers of glass ensures good insulation.

The customer has a choice of seating: VISEON offers price-neutral top-quality passenger seats from Kiel and Vogel. The basic equipment includes adjustable back rests, folding arm rests and seatbelts, as well as a large selection of upholstery. All exposed seats are equipped with 3-point seatbelts. Variants are available with footrest, folding table with drink's holder, leather edging or full leather upholstery. The standard Blaupunkt audio system provides entertainment and information, alongside a video system with 19-inch folding monitor above the driver's seat and a further 19-inch monitor, which is positioned above the middle toilet. For rear entry, two 10.2-inch monitors are positioned at the side instead of the second 19-inch monitor. VISEON also offers customer-specific special designs on request, which can also include multi-channel audio-video systems and seats with integrated video monitors.

The basic version of the VISEON C10 has a middle entry door and a middle toilet. A kitchen integrated into the middle entry section is also available. On the optional model with rear entry door, the toilet is in the corner to the right of the direction of travel. This leaves enough space for three seats or, on request, a kitchen. VISEON equips all new coaches with fire alarms in the engine space and in the toilets as standard for passenger safety.

The optional equipment with toilet in the rear

The chassis:
drive comfort and safety at the highest level

To ensure that guests are not only comfortable but also safe during travel, VISEON has equipped the premium midibus VISEON C10 with the latest chassis on the market: the tried and tested MAN coach chassis that is now available in modular concept. VISEON is the first manufacturer to integrate these modular components into a coach. At the front, the five-link axle with independent MAN VOS-08 suspension ensures drive comfort and safety of the highest level. At the rear, you have the MAN HY-1336 drive axle, which is equipped with a special bus suspension with broad spring track. Tried and tested large series components from MAN ensure that service and replacement parts are quickly available across the whole of Europe if required. Despite its small length of 10.40 metres and relatively low permissible overall weight of 16 tonnes, the VISEON C10 is built on a full coach chassis, which is normally used for 18-tonne coaches.

The advantages are obvious:

  1. Large brakes with 430-milimetre discs offer a higher safety potential;
  2. Standard coach tyres of class 295/80 R 22.5 (optional: 275/70 R 22.5);
  3. The chassis has more than sufficient reserves with regard to load and performance.

A further advantage is the safety equipment that VISEON offers in connection with the MAN chassis on the VISEON C10. The ESP stability programme will be available on the basic version from Autumn, as will cruise control and brake control. Further electronic drive assist programmes, such as lane guard system (LGS) with vibration alarm integrated in the driver's seat or the adaptive cruise control (ACC) are available on request – very unusual for the midibus class!

The drive:
powerful, economical and environmentally-friendly

VISEON has emphasised the environmental credentials of the bus as a means of transport by using a relatively low-volume and, thus, fuel-saving engine with extremely low CO2-and NOx emissions. The VISEON C10 has a 6.9-litre in-line six cylinder MAN D0836 LOH Euro 5 engine for an environmentally-friendly yet powerful drive. In addition to the lower fuel consumption, downsizing the drive chain leads to a substantial weight reduction of around 600 kilograms compared to a larger power train plus gears. The basic version engine provides 213 kW/290 hp and has a torque of 1,100 Nm at 1,500 min-1. Later on, VISEON will also offer the new midi in an even more powerful version with 240 kW/326 hp and a maximum torque of 1,250 newton metres. Both power trains also come with injection pressures of 1,800 bar thanks to modern common-rail technology, a cooled exhaust gas recirculation and an Oxikat in the Euro 5 version without using additional operating materials.

MAN D 0836 LOH

A manual, ZF 6 S 1901, six-speed gear box transfers the engine power to the drive axle. Gear changing is effected via cable pull and is pneumatically supported in the gear mechanism. There are three different axle drive rations to choose from for the drive axle. VISEON supplies the VISEON C10 with the 4.11 ratio as standard. The axle with the 4.625 ratio is recommended for mountainous use, whilst the optional 3.7 ratio is recommended for flat regions.

Getriebe ZF 6 S 1901

The service:
across Europe around the clock

VISEON customers can rely on fast assistance and a reliable replacement parts service if required. Around 35 partner firms in the important Central European countries are ready to assist VISEON customers if required. These partners are specially trained to handle VISEON buses.
A team of coach specialists are also available on our own 24-hour Service Hotline on +49 (0)995 398 099 3333. Thanks to the MAN technology in drive and chassis, VISEON customers can also call on a wide network of workshops across the whole of Europe.

The production concept:
highest quality "made in Germany"

VISEON produces the new VISEON C10 midibus exclusively at its lead production site in Pilsting, Lower Bavaria. To this end, the company installed a new bodyshell line with new, cutting-edge frame welding machinery last year. Qualified staff put the precision-lasered and prefitted components together here into a complete frame and weld them into a high-strength vehicle frame. Then the steel tube frame is taken by low loader for KTL priming. The frame returns to the production line two days later and receives the modules for chassis and drive. The components supplied by MAN are then removed from the transfer chassis and individually integrated into the tube frame at defined points. Then the staff attack the pre-tensioned side plates and fit the roof. This is designed in three parts and already has all openings and sealing frames for the air conditioning system. Paintwork, window installation and final fitting with interior finishings is also done by experienced staff using tried and tested classic methods. The VISEON C10 is produced in less than 90 days in a cutting-edge factory under the "Made in Germany" quality seal.



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