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English   Record Run Buses 2012
31.10.2012 von admin

German version

Record Run Buses 2012
  • Promise kept and exceeded — Euro VI makes economic sense
  • Record Run Buses 2012: five buses, five days, 18,000 km
  • Citaro Euro VI: 8.5 per cent better fuel economy in Record Run
  • Setra ComfortClass S 515 HD: savings of 8.2 per cent in diesel fuel
  • Three Citaro buses in round-the-clock line service in Wiesbaden
  • Two Setra coaches completed 1800 km on motorways each day
  • Citaro Euro VI: ancillary components optimised in particular
  • Setra ComfortClass 500: outstanding aerodynamics

The objective seemed impossible: a simultaneous reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions while meeting Euro VI emission standards. In the Record Run Buses 2012 the new Euro VI-certified Mercedes-Benz Citaro urban regular-service bus and the new Setra ComfortClass 500 touring coach demonstrated that the two seemingly conflicting goals can be achieved at the same time. During the Record Run Buses 2012 the five buses covered a total distance of 18,000 kilometres under impartial supervision. The bottom line: the buses not only deliver on the promised fuel savings of four to six per cent (Citaro) and five to six per cent (Setra) but can even noticeably surpass these figures. Another insight gained from the Record Run Buses 2012: Euro VI can also pay off economically.

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