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31.10.2012 von admin

Citaro Euro VI: ancillary components specifically optimised

Two distinctive features on the Euro VI-certified Citaro deserve special mention, both of which are major factors in an urban regular-service bus. A lowered entrance height reduces the amount of air needed for kneeling and consequently the amount of energy required. The second point concerns the energy management: free (without diesel injection) electricity generated in overrun mode is stored in dual-layer capacitors (supercaps) and is available the next time for acceleration. This relieves the burden on the alternators and consequently reduces fuel consumption.

Setra ComfortClass 500: outstanding aerodynamics

Outstanding aerodynamic properties are essential for the Setra ComfortClass 500 touring coach. From the rounded front with clipless blade wipers and optimised exterior mirrors to smooth flanks and the tapered rear with its separation edge, the aerodynamic efficiency of the ComfortClass 500 sets new touring coach benchmarks. The result is an outstanding drag coefficient of just 0.33. The drag is also reduced by a trick that is unmatched in the industry: at speeds of 95 km/h and above the bus is lowered by 20 mm.

Prediction: reduction in fuel consumption between four and six per cent

The development engineers of Daimler Buses expected these measures to add up to a reduction in fuel consumption of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro by four to six per cent as the result of the move from Euro V to Euro VI emission standards. For the switch from the Setra ComfortClass 400 to the new ComfortClass 500 the engineers expected a fuel economy advantage of five to six per cent for the new model. Under the real-life conditions encountered during the Record Run Buses 2012, these predictions were not only substantiated; the results actually significantly exceeded the predicted values.

Record Run Buses 2012: five buses, five days, 18,000 km

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