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English   World premiere for the high-deckers S 511 HD and S 519 HD
21.10.2014 von admin

The new S 519 HD: giant seating capacity with a length of 15 m and up to 71 seats

Measuring 15 m in length, the S 519 HD offers the most number of seats.

When a high-decker with maximum seating capacity is required, the vehicle of choice has to be the new Setra S 519 HD. With a length of 14.95 m it makes full use of the maximum 15 m almost to the centimetre, and is Setra's longest touring coach. Nonetheless the S 519 HD is surprisingly manoeuvrable with its turning circle of 23.7 m.

This space wonder from Setra is especially suitable for long-distance routes with highly frequented stretches and a high proportion of motorway driving. Assuming that its enormous capacity is frequently utilised, the new S 519 HD offers excellent economy. No single-decker touring coach has a higher seating capacity than the new Setra. With a three-star seating arrangement the S 519 HD with no onboard toilet has a capacity of 71 passenger seats, and 65 seats with a toilet. The luggage compartment capacity is 12.6 m3 without a toilet and 11.4 m3 with a toilet. On request the S 519 HD is also available with a level floor. 2+1 VIP seating is also possible. On request a wheelchair lift can also be installed on the right side, behind the front axle.

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