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English   Daimler Buses Winter Testing
04.01.2016 von admin

Daimler Buses Winter Testing
German version

Safely on the move in extreme situations: acid test in the Arctic Circle with Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses
  • Arvidsjaur, Arjeplog and Rovaniemi: bus tests on iced-over lakes and at airport
  • In-house target: perfect operation at temperatures down to minus 25 degrees Celsius, driving safely on snow and ice
  • The long and intensive testing route leading to Euro VI has to cope with the cold
  • Tested in the cold: ATC Articulated Turntable Controller
  • Icy cold in the Arctic Circle, summer heat in the Sierra Nevada

Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses stand for the highest levels of safety, controllability and operation. Both Daimler Buses brands are long-standing pioneers in these areas. One important basis for this prominence is intensive and early testing of components, entire assemblies and complete buses under extreme conditions - in the annual winter tests in Arctic temperatures and on snow and ice in the Arctic Circle, for example.

The Arctic Circle: a Mecca for the Daimler Buses test team

Arvidsjaur and Arjeplog in Sweden, Rovaniemi in Finland – testing and development experts in the automotive industry are very familiar with these three towns in Lapland in the Arctic Circle. The area is a Mecca for extreme-testing teams. Every winter from January through to March, this particular area of the far north attracts engineers, mechanics and drivers from the testing department at Daimler Buses, which includes the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit and the Setra brand. The tortures that await in the bitter cold, ice and snow of Scandinavia's cold season are just what the test team are looking for: Arvidsjaur, Arjeplog and Rovaniemi provide testing areas for the drive system, suspension, components and material like nowhere else.

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