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English   Daimler Buses Winter Testing
04.01.2016 von admin

The innovative ATC Articulated Turntable Controller in the Citaro G

Some of the most spectacular manoeuvres involve fast lane changes on slippery surfaces in the Mercedes-Benz Citaro G articulated urban bus. Thanks to the new, unique, dynamic ATC (Articulated Turntable Controller) system, the 18.13-metre-long bus also reliably masters this discipline. The same applies to full brake application on slippery and µ-split surfaces when travelling at 80 km/h – proof of the almost unflappable handling characteristics. In conclusion, the demonstration shows that there is no safer articulated bus than the Citaro G.

And no other articulated bus with one driven axle is more effective at getting out of tricky situations. This is underlined by a typical winter situation at a slightly blocked bus stop or a bus stop with snow from the road pushed up to its edges: the articulated bus is slightly articulated with the first and third axles on a road surface offering good grip while the centre axle is on the slippery surface of the bus stop bay. With conventional turntable control, the rear section would push the articulated bus via the centre axle when bending at the articulation joint, causing the bus to bend even further – but the Citaro G with variable turntable damping controlled by the innovative ATC system pulls safely and reliably out of the bus stop bay.

The sheer effort that has gone into precisely configuring ATC is highlighted in a further test with the new Mercedes-Benz CapaCity L. The large and imposing four-axle articulated bus measures an impressive 21.5 metres in length. Tests with the steering robot – a computer-controlled fully automatic steering system – show what effects changing individual ATC parameters has on the vehicle's handling characteristics.

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