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English   Daimler Buses Winter Testing
04.01.2016 von admin

Testing at Daimler Buses

Be it new Mercedes-Benz or Setra models or new components for both brands, each innovation undergoes extensive testing in advance. Drive systems have to perform well in hot and cold temperatures, suspension systems on road surfaces with low and high friction coefficients. Many aspects can now be computer-simulated to shorten the development time. Individual components or complete assemblies can be analysed on test benches.

But experts know that the reality on the road is always different to what happens on the dynamometer. It is extremely difficult to simulate exhaust gas aftertreatment at low load and sub-zero temperatures on a computer. And the same goes for a whole host of brake and ESP functions. Furthermore, many of the calculations have to be adjusted by performing actual tests on the road or test track. The spectrum includes the complete bus, from airflow in the engine compartment to the correct functioning of the windscreen wipers.

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